Island ConnectEd K-12 – Accessing Third Party Vendors

(updated September 2020)

To support flexible student learning in distributed schools, the Ministry of Education (MOE) allows Island ConnectEd and its registered families to use Third Party Vendors to support aspects of the curriculum that may be difficult for families at a distance.  

For our families, this means that subjects such as PE and Fine Arts may be augmented by their child(ren) registering in lessons and programs offered by local Third Party groups such as Nanaimo Parks and Recreation, private music teachers and fine arts (dance, art) programs.

Use of Third Party Vendors must support the learning outcomes on the student’s learning plan, as established by teachers in consultation with parents, and must be approved by the teacher.  An official form must be completed by the parent, signed by the student’s teacher, and submitted to the school’s office. 

Approved “Third Party Vendor” agreements are paid by our school on behalf of the family.  Parents cannot be reimbursed by the school for programs and items parents have purchased.

For the purposes of our school, we refer to the money used to cover these costs for families as “Educational Support Funds”.   

  • For Kindergarten to Grade 9 the amount is pro-rated based on MOE funding and the date of enrolment.
      • Registration by September:  $600
  • For Grade 10 to 12 the amount is $75.00 per course (a minimum of three courses and a completed learning plan required before funding is available).

Some important things to know:

  • Internet costs are not eligible.
  • Funds are available from mid-October until May 15 (Families are advised to pay September lessons from their own accounts).
  • Funds are available in 3-month segments; for example, a Third Party Educational Services form could be completed for October-December; the vendor would be paid mid-Oct. for all of October, November and December lessons.
  • There is no limit in any one curricular area so long as it is approved by the teacher and aligns with the student’s learning plan; i.e. a family may choose to have all their support in one specific area such as piano lessons.
  • Learning resources and online subscriptions related to the student’s learning plan are supplied by Island ConnectEd.
  • The MOE’s directive states that schools—and not parents—own the items purchased on their behalf from “Educational Support Funds”. With the exception of ‘consumable’ services and resources—such as lessons and workbooks—purchases are then loaned to families by the district.

Eligible/Non-Eligible Items for Payment by School District 68

Eligible Not Eligible
Software/software licenses provided by Island ConnectEd Purchases of any resources that are not either Ministry or locally approved; e.g. faith-based items
Annual memberships (e.g. Royal BC Museum, Science World) for students and one parent (any additional fees for family memberships will not be paid by Island ConnectEd) Tutoring fees in core subject areas (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies)
Fine Arts Lessons outlined in the Ministry of Education Curriculum Documents Computers, Computer Repairs or Software
PE Lessons Furniture
Music lessons & music equipment rentals (but not lease-to-own) Monthly or yearly internet costs 
Consumable Workbooks or Art Supplies (but not regular school supplies- pens, pencils, erasers, geometry sets, scissors etc.) 

[minimum purchase of $40]

Transportation, travel, fuel or ferry costs (Please note: families traveling on school-approved field trips may request a letter from Island ConnectEd for BC Ferries that will reduce the cost of student travel)
Any purchase not on the student’s Learning Plan
Books from book orders, including consumable items from book orders
Equipment: sports equipment, cameras, microscopes, telescopes etc.
Insurance Premiums