Island ConnectEd is a public, District Online Learning School which means,

  • Our grade 10-12 program is “free” to non-graduated residents of the Nanaimo/Ladysmith School District. (As of September 2017, several courses are free for graduated students hoping to upgrade their courses. A list may be found here.)
  • Our program teaches the BC Curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education and courses work towards the same graduation diploma as brick and mortar schools.
  • Our teachers are registered teachers who assess and provide instructional feedback on each student’s work
  • For grade 10-12 courses, students must complete an intial assignment for the course before being considered “Active” in the course by the Ministry of Education.

Our school supports four different groups of learners in our grade 10-12 program,

  • Full-Time School-Aged Students (We are their only school)
  • Dual-enrolled Students (Students enrolled at other school who take one or more courses through Island ConnectEd)
  • Adult Learners (Students 19 or over completing their graduation requirements)
  • Graduated Learners (Students upgraded one or more courses)

Each of these different groups has different needs but there are some common processes and supports in place for all four groups.

About The Courses
All of our Grade 10-12 courses are offered online through a virtual classroom called Canvas. Students sign-up online for each course. The course-specific teacher will email students a welcome letter with login information. Students may set their own pace for completion but are encouraged to use the online gradebook (Jupiter Ed) to set personal completion goals and to help keep them on a successful course completion track. The benefit of the online courses is that they may be completed anytime and any place as long as you have access to the internet. Students may enrol in courses throughout the school (ongoing enrolment) so we ask that students enrol when they are motivated and ready to begin their studies.

Teacher Support
Island ConnectEd is a blended model school. This means students will have opportunities to work with teachers face-to-face to support their online courses. Our teachers split their time between our main school site and other high schools (where they support on cross-enrolled students). On average our grade 10-12 teachers are at our site two and half days per week. Students are both welcomed and encouraged to visit our site to meet their teachers. In additional to face-to-face supports, students may also contact their teachers through email or via the phone. Stay ConnectEd!

Staying Active and Course Completion
We want to see all of our students successful. The self-paced nature of our courses is both a strength and a challenge. The goal for all students is to complete courses within one school year. Students are expected to (a)submit work and (b) be in communication with their teacher regularly. As mentioned above, students are encouraged to use the grade book to set a successful pace for themselves. When enrolling for courses, we often using the analogy of juggling apples. Students are encouraged to only sign-up for as many apples as they can juggle at one time. It is often best to sign-up for one or two courses at a time and to add more courses (apples) when you are able to balance the workload.

Beginning Enrolment Or Seeking More Information
If you would like to learn more about our Grade 10-12 program, have a site tour, or begin enrolment, please book an appointment through our main office (250-756-9901).   Families interested in enrolling in our school are encouraged to complete the online registration to streamline the enrolment process.  Please note that the online registration begins the registration process and that we do not contact a student’s current school until families have met with teachers to both develop and sign a learning plan.

All the best in your studies!