Our K-7 Program: A Partnership of Learning

Island ConnectEd is a District Online Learning School.  At Island ConnectEd we value: Community, Engagement and Curiosity. Our K-7 program started in 2002. Since day one, it has been our goal to create a partnership in learning for families who are looking for flexible learning opportunities that allow for more parental involvement and/or that allow for learning to occur at a distance.

We are a public school which means,

  • We are a free program to residents of the Nanaimo/Ladysmith School District.
  • Our program teaches the BC Curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education
  • Our teachers are registered teachers who assess and provide instructional feedback on student’s work

While our program sees students working towards the same curricular competencies and core competencies as students in traditional schools, Island ConnectEd looks quite a bit different. Our K-7 program is a partnership between students, teachers and parents.  Throughout the school year, parents share their child’s work with the teacher for assessment, feedback and academic support.  To provide flexibility, our program provides both online and paper-based learning resources.

In living up to our school name, we like to stay connected to our families and students. We use our school site to offer both on-site and online learning opportunities. The lessons are taught by our teachers and allow students to interact and learn with their peers while completing different parts of the curriculum. In addition, our PAC is very active and supports both onsite and off-site activities such as family skating, trips to local museums and centers, and on-site presentations.

We have created a quick survey/questionnaire to help families decide if our school may be a great fit for their child and their family (here). As you read through the questionnaire, if you answer “yes” to all or almost all of the statements it means that our program and your family may be destined to work together.

If you would like to register for our school, please complete the online registration found here.   The online registration helps get the enrolment process started.

If you would like to learn more about our K-7 program please contact our Principal Justin Mark (