Staff Name Position Department Contacts
Ann Walker Computer Assisted Learning Tutor - Dover Bay Student Support Staff Email    
Carol Webster Secretary (8am to 3:30) Administration Email    
Charlene Harbo Education Assistant (EA) Student Support Staff Email    
Christian Ostaffy Computer Assisted Learning Tutor - ICE Student Support Staff Email    
Drea Laj English, Digital Media & Drama Teachers Email    
Gord McGeachy PE; Social Studies; Business Education Teachers Email    
Janet Brockelhurst Record Clerk (8am to 3:30pm) Administration Email    
Jennifer McAdams English 10-12 Teachers Email    
Karina Strong Tier 3 - FLOW Teacher Teachers Email    
Kelly Styles Computer Assisted Learning Tutor - NDSS Student Support Staff
Kendra Beck Grade 8-9 Teacher Teachers Email    
Kevin Wilford Math 10-12 Teachers Email    
Kim Pepler Science - Grade 10-12 Teachers Email    
Kirsten Doucette Math / Science - Grade 10-12 Teachers Email    
Lauren Aebig FLOW Teacher Teachers Email    
Linda King Computer Assisted Learning Tutor - John Barsby Student Support Staff Email    
Lindsey Watford Coordinator (K-7) Teachers Email    
Lisa Fujikawa Kindergarten to Grade 7 Teachers Email    
Louise Massey Coordinator Teachers Email    
Mela Vallentgoed Grade 8-9 Teachers Email    
Michelle Kennedy English - Grade 10-12 Teachers Email    
Misty Duifhuis Computer Assisted Learning Tutor - Wellington Student Support Staff
Olga Poyner ELL Teacher Administration Email    
Patrick Young Principal Administration Email     250-756-9901
Rex Wilson Education Assistant Student Support Staff
Ron Membery Science - Grade 10-12 Teachers Email    
Rosanna Cowie CYFSW Administration Email    
Sheri Martin CYFSW Student Support Staff
Tamara Cameron Librarian (Learning Commons) Administration Email    
Vera Sigmund Kindergarten to Grade 7 Teachers
Zach Abbott PE; Math Teachers Email